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Stanley Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table 500Kg SXWTI-CTABL-X500


  • Brand - Stanley
  • Type - Table Lifter Trolleys
  • GTIN No. - 08717496636669
  • Material - Steel
  • Table Dimensions - 850 x 500 x 50 mm
  • Wheel Dimensions - 127 mm
  • Min Table Height - 340 mm
  • Lift Height - 560 mm
  • Lifting Capacity - 500 kg
  • Max Table Height - 900 mm
  • Capacity - 500 kg
  • Caster Wheels - 127 mm
  • Weight - 87.00 Kg


  1. Hydraulic lift table allows you to lift and transport loads up to 500Kg thanks to the reinforced hydraulic pump, specially developed with superior Stanley technology.
  2. The hydraulic system increases safety and protects your products.
  3. Hydraulic system platform allows you to lift or lower to the height you want.
  4. The possibility of fast lifting thanks to the foot pedal and the opportunity to safely lower your loads to the desired level thanks to the lowering latch on the handle.
  5. A single scissor hydraulic manual platform with a 500kg carrying capacity is used for carrying and raising loads.
  6. Long-lasting use in all conditions with its steel body structure.
  7. Hydraulic lift system that can easily be raised to the desired level with the foot pedal.
  8. A hydraulic scissor lift has a table height of 340-900mm and a Height handle of 90cm.
  9. The Scissor jack lift table is made of High-quality material and the Stanley lift table is stable and safe.
  10. Stanley lift table is compact, sturdy, has excellent performance, and best lifting capacity.