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Stanley Steel Hand Truck 200Kg SWXTC-HT525


  • Brand-Stanley
  • Type-Hand Trucks
  • GTIN No-08717496635259
  • Color-Silver
  • Dimensions-50.5 x 49 x 119 cm
  • Base Plate-20.5 x 40 cm
  • Capacity-200 kg
  • Material-Aluminium
  • Wheels-26 cm
  • Weight-7.00 Kg


  1. Stanley Steel Hand Truck is made of Durable steel has better grip which helps in easy handling on stairs.
  2. Steel hand truck ensures easy and secure handling of materials and it has extra-large loading platform for commercial use.
  3. Move heavy loads, boxes and furniture indoors or outdoors easily and safely.
  4. Stanley hand truck trolley transport materials without any damage.
  5. Guides on the back allow for easy handling of large obstacles.