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Stanley Steel Hand Truck 250Kg With Pneumatic Wheels Built-In Guides SXWTC-HT524


  • Brand - Stanley
  • Type - Hand Trucks
  • Model No. - SXWTC-HT524
  • GTIN No, - 08717496635242
  • Color - Yellow
  • Warranty - 5 Years
  • Dimensions - 49 x 50 x 119 cm
  • Base Plate - 25 x 30.5 cm
  • Base - Steel Base
  • Capacity - 250 kg
  • Material - Alloy Steel
  • Wheels - 26 cm
  • Wheel Type - Pneumatic Wheel
  • Wheel Guard - Yes
  • Handle - Hand Grip & Knuckle Protection
  • Weight - 10.50 Kg


  1. Stanley Steel Hand trucks is designed for the challenges of real working environments, Stanley Hand truck combines user-friendly features with the rugged build quality for safe, easy, and secure moving.
  2. Tubing material of high-quality steel. The Stanley Hand Truck trolley offers a robust solution to moving and transporting large volumes of goods quickly.
  3. Stanley portable hand truck trolley is ergonomically designed plastic grip handle with knuckle protection offers a comfortable grip and makes the trolley extremely user-friendly.
  4. Built-in guides on the back allow for easier handling on stairways. You will find no deformation, bending, flexing, or anything else because our Stanley HT 524 is rock-solid.
  5. Move oversized items of all shapes around the home or office with our Stanley Hand Truck.
  6. Portable truck trolley from Stanley HT524 has the lightweight unit that can be stored in any space it requires after use. 2 tough pneumatic wheels for easy and safe steering on a rugged surface.
  7. With our Stanley Hand Truck's heavy duty, anti-puncture pneumatic tire, your truck will be in tip-top condition for years to come.
  8. Getting your items caught in the wheels is frustrating so Stanley HT524's wheel guards protect your stuff from catching in the truck wheels to keep you moving.
  9. This truck features a large supporting bar to the middle of the handle frame offering extra stability whilst the trolley is in motion.
  10. The sack trolley is made for Commercial use with tough steel for added strength and durability.
  11. Stanley push cart trolley has high grip plastic handles provide enhanced grip with knuckle protection.
  12. Stanley platform trolley has large pneumatic wheels allow for easy maneuverability both indoors and outdoors.
  13. Stanley Trucks are designed from the ground upwards; choose from different chassis types, handle configurations including knuckle protection and a range of wheel options to provide you with the ideal Stanley Truck for the job.
  14. Stanley Truck is compact, sturdy and ensures reliable performance.