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Stanley Hand Pallet Truck 2000Kg With Fork Length 1150x525mm SXWTC-CPT-20


  • Brand : Stanley
  • Type : Hand Pallet Truck
  • Capacity : 2000 kg
  • Dimensions : 1150 x 525 mm
  • Handle Type : Heart Shaped
  • Steering Wheel Dimensions : 160 x 50 mm
  • Platform Rollers : 70 x 60 mm
  • Weight : 74.00 Kg


  1. The Stanley Commercial Pallet Truck gets the job done.
  2. The Stanley yellow pallet truck ensures high visibility.
  3. Pallet jack is proportional lowering allows you to determine the lowering speed of the Stanley Truck with the hand lever
  4. 2 ton pallet truck has smart width wise-markings stamped in the forks
  5. Rollers are used for both Commercial and Industrial models feature PU rollers for added damping and low noise.
  6. Stanley pallet truck trolley has all the essential features included: overflow valve, tandem rollers, and a three position pump lever.
  7. Hand pallet lift truck pump finish is made of Powder coat and in Black color.